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Doing something kind never tasted so good! The Farm on Adderley was proud to launch our Sweet Givings program in 2017.  50% of sales from our special Sweet Givings dessert goes to a charity or non-profit.  Desserts will change monthly. Since March 2017, The Farm on Adderley community raised over $10,700 and counting for charities, community outreach programs and great causes.

Thank you!

For November, we will be donating to Masbia Soup Kitchen Network.

Masbia goes to great lengths to provide nutritious food to their clients, including as much fresh produce as possible. The meal, which is served by volunteer waiters, includes a starter salad, beverage, soup, a protein, two hot side dishes and dessert. They place great emphasis on serving their clients with dignity and respect, seen both in the food they serve and in the restaurant-like setting in which it is served. Providing these meals requires immense resources including a full time kitchen and chef, hundreds of weekly volunteers to prepare food, greet the guests and serve the clients. Their hot dinner service caters to the old and frail, the homeless and people who are in a crises situation with no means to cook for themselves. They serve roughly 2,000 hot dinners each week out of their three locations.

The founder, Alexander Rapaport, a Brooklyn Hasid, says his experience being the victim of anti-Semitism forces him to call out hatred against others. So Rapaport, who runs the network of kosher soup kitchens, helped organize a communal show of support last week for a local Yemeni-owned bodega in reaction to President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

“I don’t want to take anyone’s money under false pretense. Yes, I am personally very pro-immigrant, and if that makes me unqualified for your donation, please don’t give it to me”

Past Recipients:

October 2019 - Donated to All Hands and Hearts

September 2019 - Donated to Hot Bread Kitchen

August 2019 - Donated to Transportation Alternatives

July 2019 - Donated to AAFSC

June 2019 - Donated to New Alternatives

May 2019 - Donated to City Growers
April 2019 - Donated to The Prospect Park Alliance
March 2019 - Donated to NY Food Bank
February 2019 - Donated to Navigate the Maze
January 2019 - Donated to Wide Rainbow
December 2018 - Donated to Room To Grow
November 2018 - Donated to New York Cares
October 2018 - Donated to Literacy INC (LINC)
September 2018 - Donated to Xerces Society’s Bee City USA
August 2018 - Donated to Edible Schoolyard NYC
July 2018 - Donated to Make The Road NY
June 2018 - Donated to
The Brooklyn Community Pride Center 
May 2018 - Donated to
Bike New York
April 2018 - Donated to GrowNYC
March 2018 - Donated to Girls Inc.
February 2018 - Donated to American Heart Association
January 2018 - Donated to
December 2017 - Donated to
November 2017 - Donated to
Safe Horizon 
October 2017 - Donated to
United for Puerto Rico 
September 2017 - Donated to Wellness in The Schools 
August 2017 - Donated to Honey Bee Conservancy
July - Donated
 to Rescue City 
June 2017 - Donated to
HeartShare (Human Services of New York)
May 2017 - Donated to UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund)
April 2017 - Donated to Neighbors Together
March 2017 - Donated to ACLU