Luke Jackson

Luke Jackson is a contemporary artist who has lived in Brooklyn for 15 years. Born in Italy and raised in Wyoming, Brooklyn is now home for Luke. He studied Fine Art at the University of the West of England at Bristol.  While there in Bristol he mentored under Terence Wilson Fletcher RA to better understand the techniques and voice of painting in a modern context. His painting predominantly explores dissonance, both in terms of texture and subject (if a subject is present), vacillates between humor and seriousness and often swings wildly from expressionistic though realist portraiture to pure gestural abstraction whose sole purpose is the exploration of the sensual aspects of the act of painting: line, texture, rhythm, color, and contrast.  Often the works will incorporate aspects both of figuration as well as abstraction and have an evident preference for improvisation and evocation over planned techniques and set ontological structures or narratives, giving the work a general air of searching restlessness.

You can find his work online and contact Luke at or follow him on Instagram at @coolesthand