New Autumn art is going up on in our back room!  

We rotate the art we show in our back room with the seasons.

Artwork currently on display by Eric Fennell.

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Artwork by Eric Fennell (on display until January 2019)

Eric Fennell is a photographer and filmmaker. He is a graduate of Brooklyn College.

Eric’s interest in photography started early in life, shooting his first photo at the age of three. Before the age of ten he was shooting photos with inexpensive drug store cameras and old used box cameras purchased from garage sales. By the time Eric was ten he attended a photography class at the Brooklyn Museum. There he learned black and white developing and the other aspects of photography. Once in college Eric enrolled in several more photography classes.

Towards the end of college Eric was photographing Rock n Roll groups and their album covers, actors headshots, and party events and weddings to make extra money. During this period he became interested in different methods of “Photomontage”. Eric only uses images that he shot himself when creating a montage. Eric’s photomontage work is done with film only, and is not created with a computer.

From 1993-95 Eric Fennell was Co-Director of an art gallery that also had a performance space on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Since then Eric has had his photography in many solo and group exhibits in galleries and other venues. Both businesses and private collectors have purchased his work.